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One in four households is dealing with a caregiver issue. One reason this issue has become so prevalent today is because we are living longer.

Disability, chronic illness and just the natural process of aging can set us and our loved ones up for having to make some important, and sometimes difficult, decisions. I have found, in my experience as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), that when it comes time to consider alternative living options for our loved ones, decisions might be made that don’t necessarily need to be made – such as, whether to sell a loved one’s house or not.

Because life-changing events can be daunting and emotions are often high, I have committed myself to serving the needs of seniors and their caregivers so that you make the best decisions during this time. That is one reason I have set up a section of my website that focuses just on the needs of seniors and caregivers.

Please visit my Caregivers Library for a wealth of information that will help you make the best decisions possible!

If you need more in-depth information and services, I offer consulting services on a fee-for-service basis. For more information about this service, please click the “Consultations” link at the left.




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