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Bethel Builders, LLC is the result of 15 years of experience building homes for families just like you. While the company name might be new, the traditions of quality, value and integrity are not. The owners of Bethel Builders have built hundreds of new homes throughout Virginia and are committed to bringing those traditions to each and every customer.

As one of very few women class A general contractors, Bethel Builders offers a unique perspective on building your new home. Each detail is carefully considered and explained in a manner that is easy to understand. No smooth talking sales agents – just honest, straight forward answers to your questions – the ones you ask – and the ones you may not think to ask.

Bethel Builders offers the ultimate home buying experience. The entire process is driven by you – the home buyer – at your pace, in your time. Browse our extensive portfolio of standard home plans – then customize them with our wide array of options.

What sets us apart from other home builders?

Bethel Builders carefully selects the trade partners who will participate in building your new home. We choose only those subcontractors who share our commitment of quality and value. Some subcontractors have been trade partners for over 15 years! That means that much more than just cost goes into our selection of the craftsmen and women who will be working on your home.

The same is true of the materials that are used during construction. While there may be cheaper materials available – the long term cost is not worth putting them in your home. One example of this is pressure treated deck boards that are used to build front porches and decks. Bethel Builders uses only prime deck boards. A lower grade deck board is about 1/3 of the cost but is subject to shrink, warp and fade just a few months after installation. We use name brand materials and are not afraid to tell you what they are!

We are also good environmental stewards at Bethel Builders. Whenever possible, we will ensure that the debris that results from the construction of your new home is recycled to reduce our impact on the environment. You will also have the option of using recycled stone for the base of your construction driveway. This is a cost efficient and easy way to build “green”.

So give us a call. Come and see for yourself how Bethel Builders might fit into your home building plans.


Bethel Builders, LLC

Laurie Nichols, Owner
5753 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22551
Phone: 540-748-8810
Website: http://bethelbuilders-va.com/

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